What’s in a name?

Yep, I changed it! My “Uncovering Me” blog is now “Life’s Tiny Miracles”

Change is inevitable in this life and sometimes it’s ok to move on so we can grow and bloom.

I went through a season trying to let go of what I thought everyone else was thinking of me.

I’m so glad that season has faded.

This new season is one filled with joy as my focus has shifted to looking for the beautiful, the joyful, the magical things that happen every single day. I had been stuck in a gloomy, heavy season, but just by opening my eyes and looking for the good, that season has been left behind (for the most part) and the new one is arriving like a beautiful sunrise.

If you have ever watched young kids, they are excited about EVERYTHING. They see the beauty and wonder of every little detail around us. THAT is what I am working on getting back…

my childlike wonder at the simple things around me

pulling off on the side of the road to enjoy the sparkle of morning dew and the oak trees peeking out of the fog

sitting on the front porch with my eyes closed and taking in the choir of crickets and frogs and birds in the evening

talking to the lizards who watch my every move as I’m feeding Doc in the morning (yes, I talk to the lizards)

taking note of the sound of laughter from the ones I love

savoring the taste of a good home cooked meal

…and so many more things I used to take for granted.

Want to experience more joy in your life? The 2 keys for me have been gratitude for what I have and slowing down to find the daily miracles.

They are always there…we just have to notice them.

What tiny miracle did you find today? Share in the comments below…I’d love to hear about it!

Have a beautiful day filled with tiny miracles!


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