Week 52: Your Job

I suppose this could be a very hard post for some people, and to be honest, there have been times in my life when I’ve had a job that would make this post almost impossible.

BUT, that is not the case today! I have 2 jobs that I absolutely love and here are just a few reasons why I’m grateful for both of them:

I am my own boss… I work how I want, where I want, and when I want. (Current status? Working on my laptop in bed with a cup of coffee)

I decide how much I get paid… If I feel like I’m not making enough, I make changes to fix it so that my “time put in” is worth it.

I actually like the people I work with and I get to choose who they are.

My hard work is rewarded every time…not just with money, but with reviews and recognition.

There are no requirements, minimums or quotas.

I have never, ever had to ask my friends and family to support me or beg them to buy or book with me.

I know God is using me to change lives in all kinds of ways and that is a humbling place to be.

What are my 2 jobs? Independent Manager with Lilla Rose and Airbnb host for The Bunk House. You can find out more about my Lilla Rose job here and about hosting with Airbnb here

What do you love about your job? Sometimes even a less than perfect job has it’s perks…tell me what you think!