What’s in a name?

Yep, I changed it! My “Uncovering Me” blog is now “Life’s Tiny Miracles”

Change is inevitable in this life and sometimes it’s ok to move on so we can grow and bloom.

I went through a season trying to let go of what I thought everyone else was thinking of me.

I’m so glad that season has faded.

This new season is one filled with joy as my focus has shifted to looking for the beautiful, the joyful, the magical things that happen every single day. I had been stuck in a gloomy, heavy season, but just by opening my eyes and looking for the good, that season has been left behind (for the most part) and the new one is arriving like a beautiful sunrise.

If you have ever watched young kids, they are excited about EVERYTHING. They see the beauty and wonder of every little detail around us. THAT is what I am working on getting back…

my childlike wonder at the simple things around me

pulling off on the side of the road to enjoy the sparkle of morning dew and the oak trees peeking out of the fog

sitting on the front porch with my eyes closed and taking in the choir of crickets and frogs and birds in the evening

talking to the lizards who watch my every move as I’m feeding Doc in the morning (yes, I talk to the lizards)

taking note of the sound of laughter from the ones I love

savoring the taste of a good home cooked meal

…and so many more things I used to take for granted.

Want to experience more joy in your life? The 2 keys for me have been gratitude for what I have and slowing down to find the daily miracles.

They are always there…we just have to notice them.

What tiny miracle did you find today? Share in the comments below…I’d love to hear about it!

Have a beautiful day filled with tiny miracles!


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Week 6: The City You Live In

So when Life happens and you didn’t get to write all week, your scheduled posts end up posting anyway (yeah, 50 year old brain forgot to un-schedule…face palm!)

But this morning, I’m in a writing mood, so I’ll get some things ready to go for this week…starting with today’s post about why I’m grateful for the city I live in!

Mount Juliet, TN

This town is currently BOOMING and it’s easy to see why. I moved here 3 years ago and immediately fell in love with the clean, safe, wholesome environment this city exudes. We are just 20 minutes from downtown Nashville… Nightlife, amazing music (obviously), sports, art, history can all be found here. What intrigues me about the Nashville area is that it is definitely urban, but still has a small town vibe.

This town of Mount Juliet loves itself…meaning, the mayor and city council are good at adding little touches throughout the town that remind us of the town roots. I’ll have to go out later and add some pics to this post to show you what I mean… beautiful parks, signs, flowers, the music city star train depot, our welcome center, vignettes of days gone by are just a few things that make our town visually appealing.

There is history here…stories of haunted places, historical people who passed through town, and locations of baptisms in the creek. Small businesses who thrived from decades past and new ones that thrive today. I love supporting the many small businesses and restaurants all over town.

Mount Juliet has so many conveniences located in a small area…everything I need is accessible within a few minutes of my house. This town may be growing fast, but you can still visit a restaurant once a week and get to know the regulars…you’ll soon call them friends….I do!


Week 5: Something Someone Gave You

I like getting gifts but they are not my love language and I have an open hand when it comes to things. However, there are a few things that are treasures to me…my great grandmother’s crazy quilt, my great grandfather’s violin, my grandmother’s dishes, and a few more things.

What really gets to me, though, goes straight to the heart of my love language (words of affirmation)…hand written cards and notes. I keep files of these beautiful nuggets of kindness from a friend or loved one. They are an amazing help to me on days when I’m struggling with difficult people or circumstances or feelings. They make me smile and remind me that my heart and deeds do not go unnoticed.

My most treasured of these scribed gifts are the scraps of paper from my children. They represent days gone by when I was their world and they were mine.

They bring back a flood of memories…

of giggles and hugs and snuggling up on the couch together…

of reading and baking and crafting together…

of hiking and playing and biking together…

of laughing and crying and learning together…

Yep, here they come…the tears, but they are sweet and beautiful and happy ones.

What gift has continued to touch your heart over the years?


Week 1: 52 Weeks of Gratitude…why start this challenge?

2020…it’s a new year full of expectations, dreams, and unwritten pages in the story of your life. Everyone is making New Years Resolutions and I’m feeling a calm and a joy knowing that I am not. For the first time ever, I am not going to set those ridiculous and unrealistic goals for myself when I know I am destined to fail at every single one.

What I AM going to do is commit to this 52 week Gratitude Challenge and learn to live in the moment…soaking in the blessings instead of striving and stressing to reach what I don’t have. I want to change my focus to what I DO have and CAN do. I want to see the beauty in everything around me. I want to relish the experiences of life even in the tiniest of moments. I want to be happy and I want to laugh…not just once in a while, but every single day.

Care to join me in this challenge? Comment below and let me know!