I’m bored…

Never thought I’d say that as an adult…but then again I never thought I’d see the kind of things going on in our world today.

I’m in FL with my hubby and we left home a week ago. He works in the food service industry, repairing cooking and refrigeration equipment…the majority of his clients have had to close their doors for now. This means he has no work and since my business is mobile, we decided to head south. We’ve been considering moving this way and had been looking at property online, so we took the opportunity to drive by some options and landed at my in-laws house where we have been ever since…self quarantining.

I may be in FL, but this is no vacation. Everything is closed including the beaches. And unlike being stuck at home, I don’t have half finished projects to finish or closets to clean out. I don’t have kids to play games with or teach lessons to. I’ve walked my dog until my dog doesn’t want to walk anymore. So now what?

I held a Zoom meeting and went live on Facebook…several times today. Next up is writing some notes of encouragement. And then it should be about time to make dinner.

Tomorrow, I will wake up with the same thought…”still stuck here, so what will I do with my day?”

Today I was grateful that I have my own business. It’s one that I can do online which means I can work from literally anywhere as long as my phone &/or laptop are charged and working. I can’t tell you how many times I have had my day brightened by coworkers and/or customers. Because of them, I have a reason to push aside my melancholy feelings and encourage someone else who needs it more than I. My business is a life saver in more ways than just paying bills…it has connected me to people and built beautiful friendships with team members and customers alike. We encourage each other, make each other laugh, cry together, pray for each other, and share helpful ideas for work, home, and family.

You may not have ever considered your own business, but this might be the perfect time to give it a try. It might not be your cup of tea, but here’s why I love what I do….

I have a FREE website where customers order, the home office packages and ships, and I get a check at the end of the month. I don’t have to have inventory and I don’t have to do the shipping myself.

There are no monthly or quarterly minimums or quotas. To stay “active” I just need to place one $29 order each year (12 month period)…there are ZERO hidden fees.

I don’t have to harass my friends and family to buy or join.

I started earning 30% commission with the sale of my very first item and can earn up to 45% based on sales volume (I am almost always at 45%)

I can sell however I feel most comfortable…on social media, at in home gatherings, at vendor events, or sitting in the stands at a sporting event.

This week only (April 1-7, 2020), the enrollment kit is just $49! This includes over $300 in retail product, business and marketing supplies (brochures, catalogs, sales order forms, business cards, etc) and ongoing free online training. PLUS a free Business Planning Binder to get your business off to a great start.

What do you have to lose? Want to know more? CLICK HERE

If you have other questions or need further information, I’m happy to share what I know and if you stump me, I’m happy to go find the answer for you…

Hope you have a beautiful day!