The addiction I didn’t know I had…

I used to brag and laugh about my addiction. It is socially accepted and considered “cute” to have a “sweet tooth” but other than the taste itself, there’s nothing sweet about it. Sugar made me compulsive and unable to hold my will power, caused me to gain weight, contributed to my headaches, caused me to be bloated, and feel generally lousy. While I’m no expert, and don’t have evidence to back it, I also believe it weakened my immune system and caused inflammation throughout my body.

I’ve been successful with eating “clean” through several periods in my life before, but when I get stressed or overwhelmed with life circumstances, I find myself going right back to the same habit of sugar binging. Ice Cream is my guilty pleasure and one scoop can send me back into a downward spiral of way more than just ice cream… my days are soon filled with soda, cookies, chocolate, flavored coffee creamer, and ice cream, just to name a few. Drive throughs quickly become a routine part of my errand list…daily.

So after a trip to Nashville last weekend, I came home and knew that once again, I was going to need to cut the sugar addiction…cold turkey.

My hubby just shook his head. He asked me why I don’t just taper off slowly.

The answer is quite simply…that is too hard for me to do.

Every time I quit cold turkey, the first 7 days are agony, but if I can stay the course, that breaks the sugar cravings and clears my system completely. In plain English, I bite the bullet and the rewards are almost immediate…

weight starts coming off

my joints no longer hurt

headaches are 50% less frequent

my food actually tastes better

I don’t need to snack between meals

my mind is clear and I can remember things

I know I’m just like an alcoholic who cannot have even one drink. One bite of anything sweet and I WILL fall right off the healthy wagon, head first. So how have I done it in the past and what am I doing this week to break the addiction and start benefitting from my body operating the way it was designed?

This book: Bright Line Eating (I am not getting anything for this recommendation…I’m literally just sharing something that works for me)

Before you run out and buy it there are a few things you should know…

if you’re not “all in”, you will not succeed…you can’t “sort of” use this plan because your brain will still be affected in a negative way even when you just cheat “a little bit”

the book goes into great detail about the brain and how it is affected by what we eat; for me, understanding why I wasn’t successful in the past was so helpful…no more beating myself up!

Yes there is meal planning and weighing food, but this actually is freeing in that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to cook or eat…the decision is already made for me.

So today, I’m on day 2. Yesterday was rough (not gonna lie)…I was CRAVING sweets. I had emptied out the pantry and kitchen of anything with sugar, so there was no way I could cheat at home, but the real test came when I had to run to the post office and the grocery store. I drive by Dunkin Donuts (maple frosted and vanilla bean coolatta…mmmmm), Wendy’s (chocolate frosty), Panera (brownies or chocolate chip cookie), McDonald’s (large Dr. Pepper)…grinding teeth kept my foot on the gas.

Then on the way home, I had to stop at Winn Dixie to pick up my hubby’s medication…the bakery is right next to the pharmacy…WHYYYYY?!!!! More grinding teeth as I forced myself not to glance in that direction.

The final test was the checkout line where I was surrounded by sugar on all sides and of course a basket of monster chocolate chip cookies right next to the register…individually wrapped and only $1, they used to be my “treat” for the 5 minute ride home. It’s a miracle I have any teeth left at this point!

I am so proud to say, I DID NOT GIVE IN!

Today is slightly better…no errands to run, so I won’t have to resist the temptations in town.

But I did whine while I drank my coffee with plain milk, no sweetener.

Tomorrow it will taste better…

I can do this…

I need to do it for me and I need to help my hubby keep his heart healthy, too.

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If I can do it, I KNOW you can do it!

Onward and upward,


For more scientific info and explanation of the sugar/brain connection/addiction see THIS ARTICLE


weight loss buddy: first things first

“It takes some willpower to set up, but requires little to no willpower after that.” Susan Peirce Thompson

Gotta read the book! Or in my case, re-read the book. Bright line eating helped me understand how food affects our brain… how this relationship destroys our willpower and eliminates the brain’s ability to recognize when it’s full. That removes the guilt factor which is a HUGE reason a lot of people start a “diet” and give up shortly thereafter. Rather than a “diet”, this method is about retraining our brain and body to function the way they were intended to…love this!

The second reason I love this book is that it maps it all out for me. I am very much a rule follower/list follower. If it’s in black and white (step a, step b, step, c) I can do it. If the procedure is vague and I have to figure it all out for myself…ain’t gonna happen! I don’t have the time or patience for that nonsense!

I know it’s going to sound crazy to have to weigh out your food for every meal, but it’s really quick and easy to do and made it simple for me to know exactly how much I needed to eat. And I promise you won’t starve! There were actually a lot of evening meals that I had to force myself to finish the portions…whaaat????!

And thirdly, I love this book because my body felt good and I felt good about myself while I was following the instructions in it. Life happened and my Bright Line Eating train derailed, but it’s time to get back on the track!

So this is the method I’ll be using starting January 1 (Let’s get real…I’ve got a lot of Christmas leftovers to finish first LOL) Over the next few days, I’m going to reread the book, clear out my pantry (of the “bad” stuff) and fill my fridge and pantry (with the “good” stuff). As we all know, “out of sight, out of mind” is at least a good start!

A link to the book on Amazon is below and I added a link to the cookbook, also in case you’d like to check that out. (The cookbook is totally optional and I was successful without it)

Let me know if you get the book and/or start on this adventure with me…I’d love to have you join in the fun!