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Partied out

I’ve done my share of parties…

birthday parties

engagement parties

retirement parties

superbowl parties

new year’s parties

4th of July parties

Christmas parties

…you get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with friends and family and having a great time and I actually really love entertaining, so most parties are fun even though I do get a bit stressed while planning and prepping. I might be slightly OCD when it comes to the details, menu and decorations.

But there’s one kind I’m just plain burnt out on. It’s a tough one to turn down because it usually centers around a friend or family member and I’m a people pleaser, so “no” is doubly hard to begin with. I love my friends and want them to be successful, but I really hate the whole “throw a party for me so I can sell my stuff to your friends and family” thing. I bust my backside trying to get people to come, begging people to come, but they’re burnt out too and don’t want to do yet another “party.”

I have my own small business and I’ve done direct sales before. When I started my current business, that was one of my non-negoatiables….I was NOT going to bug my friends and family to have parties or even to buy from me at all. I didn’t want the people I love to dread me coming around. After 2 1/2 years, I can honestly say, I have not chased after anyone… not a single person.

How have I done it? I started with vendor events, then tried parties with those customers, and worked tirelessly on social media. All of those things work, sometimes, but now I am needing to work from home…literally from the office in my home, so I am having to shift gears and I am loving the results.

I am working closely with other bloggers as part of my strategy and the other part is a brand new modified “party” that isn’t really a party at all. It has taken all the pressure off of me to “SELL” and off of my customers to “BUY”. I LOVE that!!! And it’s actually fun for everyone!

Here are the deets:

No high pressure sales, no begging people to come, no cleaning your house or making food no one ever eats…literally everyone wins, even if they don’t buy a thing!

Curious to know more? Email me or comment below…

Oh! And during the month of February 2020, hostess credit doubles for every $300+ treasure hunt and that looks like this:

Hair Tricks & Trinkets

7 ways you’re damaging your hair

We’ve heard a lot of these before, but we still need reminders! Hair is my business, but I still find myself guilty of these from time to time, too. It’s always good to refresh our memory on ways to keep our tresses healthy and beautiful.

The top seven ways you are harming your hair are:

#7 Brushing wet hair or vigorously brushing dry hair… When your hair is wet, it has more stretch to it, but it also has more friction and grabs the bristles of your brush. This means it is much easier to stretch that hair to the breaking point. Likewise, vigorously brushing dry hair can break or rip hair out when that brush finds a tangle that hasn’t been worked out. TIPS: If your hair is wet, use a leave in conditioner and gently work through your hair in sections with a wide tooth comb. If your hair is dry, you can still use a leave in conditioner spray and gently brush, beginning at the ends and working your way up a little at a time. You can find my fave leave in conditioner HERE:

#6 Neglecting a regular trip to your stylist to remove split ends… It may be tempting to stretch that appointment out, but don’t do it! Split ends DO NOT heal themselves and the longer you let them go, the more damage they can create. The only way to stop the split from traveling up the hair shaft is to cut it off!

#5 Using hair elastics… There’s a thing called “ponytail fringe” for a reason. Wear your hair in a ponytail elastic and your hair is sure to pay the price. Elastic is popular because it “grabs” the hair and thus holds in place well. The problem is that the same beautiful hold also breaks and pulls out hair no matter how carefully you try to remove that elastic. For a pretty alternative that won’t damage your hair, try a FLEXI CLIP.

#4 Using no conditioner at all… I mentioned leave in conditioner above, but especially in the winter time, you will want to use a conditioner after shampooing. A good conditioner helps smooth the hair cuticle, aids in preventing tangles, and preserves the ph and moisture balance in your hair. For this last reason, it’s a good idea to use when your is freshly rinsed (after shampooing).

#3 Washing too often… even if you don’t use a hair dryer to dry your hair, water itself is drying. (this is why our hands also dry out when we wash them often) By washing your hair every other day or even twice a week instead of every day, your hair will be able to retain more of it’s natural ph and moisture.

#2 Too many chemicals…color and/or perm, chlorine, ocean water. I am the first one to admit, I do in fact color my hair. This means I have to be mindful and treat it with a little more care. Make sure you use hair shampoos and other products specifically designed for color treated hair. If you’re going swimming, chlorine and salt are very hard on hair that is already dealing with chemicals. Be sure to wet your hair in pure water (unsalted & untreated) first before you dive in. This allows the hair to absorb the pure water and greatly reduces the amount of salt and chemicals it can take in. The sun can also be hard on chemically treated hair…when possible use a sun hat to keep your hair happy and healthy.

And the #1 way you are harming your hair is by using hair dryers and styling tools that are too hot. Remember that your hair is not a living thing and cannot repair itself. Once the damage is done, the only way to “fix” it is to cut it off or grow it out. Avoid using heated styling tools every day when at all possible or at the very least, use a low heat setting!

Do you have any other tips for maintaining a healthy head of hair? I’d love to hear them!

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Hair Tricks & Trinkets

Is your hair too thin for a bun?

Think again! This hair hack will give you the illusion of a full, thick head of hair twisted into a beautiful bun… (and don’t worry, if you have medium or thick hair…this hairstyle works well for you, too!)

Here’s what you’ll need…

an oblong scarf, 2 hair elastics, and pins to secure your bun

When you get to the end of your hair, let the scarf ends dangle and secure the end of your braid with the other hair elastic.

This style was secured with just 2 U-pins! For more info on U-pins and how to use them, you can visit my web site or check out the tutorials on my YouTube channel

If you try this style, let me know and tell me what you think…I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share this post and subscribe to this blog!

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Hair Hack: 30 second hair

30 second hair…is that even a thing??? I found a way to make it a thing every single day! Here’s why I was excited about it and still am…

I have very thick, wavy, long hair. In the summertime, the humidity is not my friend and I look like a poodle. In the wintertime, the harsh dry air and static electricity make my hair brittle and magnetic to EVERYTHING including my clothes and face. Ugh!!! I’m not a fan of either option!

Five years ago, I found a solution by attending a facebook party hosted by a friend of mine. I had no idea what I was seeing and decided, what the heck, I’ll give one a try… Enter, the flexi clip.

These babies are made of 2 connected pieces: beautiful beading (strung on piano wire) and a metal pin. They hold with tension on the hair inside the clip and lock into one of the notches on the pin. They are beautiful, durable, and, because they come in 7 different sizes, they work in all hair types from super fine and thin to ultra thick and coarse.

I now own quite a collection of these hair gems…I can’t say out loud just how many…totally pleading the fifth on that one! My morning hair routine went from 45-60 minutes to 30 seconds with the purchase of that first clip and I have never gone back. Occasionally, I’ll use a flat iron and spend 30 minutes to straighten my entire head, but that occasion is rare…I’d much rather spend my time off on other adventures or spending time with my family! I now have an extra 6-7 hours per week to do other things besides standing in front of a mirror, trying to make sense of the mop on my head. That’s a full work day every week!

Find your own flexi clip and other hand beaded hair accessories here:

If you need help determining your size, check out this sizing video:

Request a catalog by leaving me a message on this online form: Request a Catalog

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hair trick: how to make fine hair look fuller

I personally do not have this problem, but I have a lot of friends and family that do! So I thought I’d show a couple tricks for giving volume to fine or thinning hair…

Do you have another trick that works for you? I’d love to hear it!

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Hair Trick: easy bun hairstyle

The bun has been around for forever…literally ages. There’s a good reason though. This timeless, simple style holds well for all types of hair and is relatively easy to do. It can be used as an updo or half up and looks adorable when you create a pair for the trendy “space buns” look.

Today I want to show you one of my favorite variations…The Celtic Bun

Let me know if you try this variation…I’d love to know what you think!

I have thick wavy hair (as you can see) and I love these U-pins. I’m using a pair of the small decorative variety so instead of using 15-20 bobby pins, the pair is all I need for all day hold. The other thing I love about them is that they don’t damage my hair or pull it out…especially in the winter (when my hair tends to be more brittle) this is a very good thing! The dragonflies are no longer available but there are lots of other options…you can find a butterfly option here or check out all different kinds of pretty hair jewelry here