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$1500 in prizes???

Good morning!

I am so excited to share with you…

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What are you good at?

Ever feel like you just can’t get it right?

Like no matter what you do you can’t win?

Today I’m writing to you for no other reason than to say…

you matter

you have something to offer this world

and just as a symphony just isn’t quite the same when it’s missing an instrument, your circle of influence isn’t the same when you’re not part of it.

It’s easy to focus on what we do wrong… our culture is full of self help books, home improvement projects, and do it yourself tutorials…all claiming to “help you get it right”

But I’d challenge you to take a step back, put down the book, stop the YouTube video, and turn off the DIY show.

You have talents and there are things you’re really good at… things that those people (who wrote the books or filmed the video or created the TV show) don’t have.

Maybe it’s time to stop trying to be perfect at something that is someone else’s gift…

Maybe it’s time to remember the things that people compliment you on…

Maybe it’s time to simplify, hone in, and surround yourself with reminders of your talents…

Maybe it’s time to breathe, let your gifts shine, and allow others to watch you bloom.

When we bloom and grow and shine, the whole world gets a little bit brighter…

So I ask you again… What are you good at?

Shine, baby, shine!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


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What’s in a name?

Yep, I changed it! My “Uncovering Me” blog is now “Life’s Tiny Miracles”

Change is inevitable in this life and sometimes it’s ok to move on so we can grow and bloom.

I went through a season trying to let go of what I thought everyone else was thinking of me.

I’m so glad that season has faded.

This new season is one filled with joy as my focus has shifted to looking for the beautiful, the joyful, the magical things that happen every single day. I had been stuck in a gloomy, heavy season, but just by opening my eyes and looking for the good, that season has been left behind (for the most part) and the new one is arriving like a beautiful sunrise.

If you have ever watched young kids, they are excited about EVERYTHING. They see the beauty and wonder of every little detail around us. THAT is what I am working on getting back…

my childlike wonder at the simple things around me

pulling off on the side of the road to enjoy the sparkle of morning dew and the oak trees peeking out of the fog

sitting on the front porch with my eyes closed and taking in the choir of crickets and frogs and birds in the evening

talking to the lizards who watch my every move as I’m feeding Doc in the morning (yes, I talk to the lizards)

taking note of the sound of laughter from the ones I love

savoring the taste of a good home cooked meal

…and so many more things I used to take for granted.

Want to experience more joy in your life? The 2 keys for me have been gratitude for what I have and slowing down to find the daily miracles.

They are always there…we just have to notice them.

What tiny miracle did you find today? Share in the comments below…I’d love to hear about it!

Have a beautiful day filled with tiny miracles!


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When you’re at the base of mountain, the only way to reach the top is to just start walking

Most of you know I’m a lady boss with a home based business.

I don’t often share my goals because they often scare me and they’re way more terrifying when I see them in print 😱 but this month, I’m working hard toward a pretty big milestone…

A promotion. It’s a biggie and the reality is it probably won’t happen until fall.

The thing is…if we wait until we think it will happen to work for it, it may not happen at all. Success comes from consistent, small steps toward a specific finish line.

Soooo, this month I’m working hard to fill my calendar through the end of the year with vendor events and online girls night events. Being new to FL, I’m having to do a lot of digging to find the best events to participate in. If you have a festival or vendor market that you love here in central FL, would you share the date and location in the comments? Or if you’d like to gather your girlfriends for a 30 second hair style class, send me a message.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the progress…

because each one of you is truly the wind beneath my wings 🧚‍♀️


I got lost as an adult…

I’m always looking for fun things to do and, as an empty nester, it seems like we get in a rut of eating out and/or catching a movie. Somewhere along the way, we lost our creativity.

So today, I was googling fun things to do and came across a weekly summer activities calendar. Yes, it was made for kids, but I’m ready to reignite the little girl that’s tucked away down deep inside of my heart. I love dancing and unicorns and glitter and tiaras, so even though there are no wee ones in my house and no grandbabies on the horizon, I’m taking this list and making some dates with my honey (on the weekends, since we both work)

…and I have a crazy feeling we’ll find some great moments of laughter and super silly selfies…

just sayin’…

When is the last time you did something silly just for the fun of it?

Care to share?

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Remembering the Really Important Stuff

I hate to admit it, but I’m forgetful these days…

If I don’t write it down when the thought passes through my brain, I won’t remember it later when I need that information.

Yep, probably a combo of, ahem, my age (ouch, that hurt) and the fact that, at any given time, I just have too much info being juggled in my brain.

When I was in college, I could memorize an entire play script in a week. Those days are long gone and now that I’m out of practice, the thought of memorizing anything at all is pretty daunting.

So what do I do when I really want to remember something specific…something important?

I give myself a tattoo.

Let me preface this by saying… My hubby hates tattoos. Right before we got married, I played a practical joke on him and applied a temporary tattoo where it would just peek out of my T-shirt. We were watching a movie and he was REALLY quiet. He usually plays “commentator” during movies, so I knew he had seen it and was trying to figure out how to approach the subject. He finally just blurted out, “Did you get a tattoo?!!!” And of course, I played it up… “Well yeah, I know you don’t really like them but I thought this was so cute, I couldn’t resist.” The look on his face made me laugh so hard!

So… I had to check with him before I started using this method.

I hate to admit it, but I found DWELL through a Facebook ad. Yep I was a sucker but DWELL has actually proved to be really successful for me. While it’s intention is to help you memorize Bible verses, I’ve started using the general idea for other things, too.

Anyone remember ROYGBIV? That one is burned in my brain from middle school science class!

The process is using an acronym to remember something important. I used it a lot in my college years, but had forgotten about it until I saw that Facebook ad. It’s very effective and makes it much quicker to remember a list , a sentence, or a host of other things.

I don’t get any perks or payment from DWELL for sharing this but I love the product. it’s a subscription, so every month, I get a small package with 3 things… a card with the verse of the month on it (I put this on my fridge), a key tag (one side is the entire verse in words; the other side is the acronym), and a set of temporary tattoos that have a cute design and the acronym.

I was a little skeptical the first month, but it really works! I learned the verse quickly and get to share it with others when someone asks me what my tattoo means.

I think the verses will be etched in my brain and easier to recall because they now have a visual attached to them.

Anyway… Hope this helps somebody out there! For more info, the website is www.dwelldifferently.com

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Have a beautiful day!



The addiction I didn’t know I had…

I used to brag and laugh about my addiction. It is socially accepted and considered “cute” to have a “sweet tooth” but other than the taste itself, there’s nothing sweet about it. Sugar made me compulsive and unable to hold my will power, caused me to gain weight, contributed to my headaches, caused me to be bloated, and feel generally lousy. While I’m no expert, and don’t have evidence to back it, I also believe it weakened my immune system and caused inflammation throughout my body.

I’ve been successful with eating “clean” through several periods in my life before, but when I get stressed or overwhelmed with life circumstances, I find myself going right back to the same habit of sugar binging. Ice Cream is my guilty pleasure and one scoop can send me back into a downward spiral of way more than just ice cream… my days are soon filled with soda, cookies, chocolate, flavored coffee creamer, and ice cream, just to name a few. Drive throughs quickly become a routine part of my errand list…daily.

So after a trip to Nashville last weekend, I came home and knew that once again, I was going to need to cut the sugar addiction…cold turkey.

My hubby just shook his head. He asked me why I don’t just taper off slowly.

The answer is quite simply…that is too hard for me to do.

Every time I quit cold turkey, the first 7 days are agony, but if I can stay the course, that breaks the sugar cravings and clears my system completely. In plain English, I bite the bullet and the rewards are almost immediate…

weight starts coming off

my joints no longer hurt

headaches are 50% less frequent

my food actually tastes better

I don’t need to snack between meals

my mind is clear and I can remember things

I know I’m just like an alcoholic who cannot have even one drink. One bite of anything sweet and I WILL fall right off the healthy wagon, head first. So how have I done it in the past and what am I doing this week to break the addiction and start benefitting from my body operating the way it was designed?

This book: Bright Line Eating (I am not getting anything for this recommendation…I’m literally just sharing something that works for me)

Before you run out and buy it there are a few things you should know…

if you’re not “all in”, you will not succeed…you can’t “sort of” use this plan because your brain will still be affected in a negative way even when you just cheat “a little bit”

the book goes into great detail about the brain and how it is affected by what we eat; for me, understanding why I wasn’t successful in the past was so helpful…no more beating myself up!

Yes there is meal planning and weighing food, but this actually is freeing in that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to cook or eat…the decision is already made for me.

So today, I’m on day 2. Yesterday was rough (not gonna lie)…I was CRAVING sweets. I had emptied out the pantry and kitchen of anything with sugar, so there was no way I could cheat at home, but the real test came when I had to run to the post office and the grocery store. I drive by Dunkin Donuts (maple frosted and vanilla bean coolatta…mmmmm), Wendy’s (chocolate frosty), Panera (brownies or chocolate chip cookie), McDonald’s (large Dr. Pepper)…grinding teeth kept my foot on the gas.

Then on the way home, I had to stop at Winn Dixie to pick up my hubby’s medication…the bakery is right next to the pharmacy…WHYYYYY?!!!! More grinding teeth as I forced myself not to glance in that direction.

The final test was the checkout line where I was surrounded by sugar on all sides and of course a basket of monster chocolate chip cookies right next to the register…individually wrapped and only $1, they used to be my “treat” for the 5 minute ride home. It’s a miracle I have any teeth left at this point!

I am so proud to say, I DID NOT GIVE IN!

Today is slightly better…no errands to run, so I won’t have to resist the temptations in town.

But I did whine while I drank my coffee with plain milk, no sweetener.

Tomorrow it will taste better…

I can do this…

I need to do it for me and I need to help my hubby keep his heart healthy, too.

Are you struggling to stay on track with a health plan you know will work for you? Subscribe to my blog and we can cheer each other on! Accountability is a huge factor in the success of any difficult task…just sayin’

If I can do it, I KNOW you can do it!

Onward and upward,


For more scientific info and explanation of the sugar/brain connection/addiction see THIS ARTICLE


Making money from home…

Let me first start off by letting you know…this is not a sales pitch. We’ve been through a really tough year. And by “We”, I mean everybody. My hubby and I have been living off our savings for the past several months (after his heart attack) but I knew that it would be a temporary “fix” to a much longer term income issue.

There are 4 things I’m doing from home that are making a difference and starting to change the cash flow issue for us…

#1 We made a budget.

Our church is doing “Financial Peace” with Dave Ramsey for our small groups right now. One of our first assignments was to make up a budget. My hubby and I both rolled our eyes…

I am 52 and have never lived by a budget. I always felt they were too restricting and didn’t let you have any fun. Totally not true! We made up our first budget and found that rather than restricting us, it has allowed us to have fun, guilt free! We have a set amount every month for entertainment and it is so freeing to know we can spend that amount with no guilty feelings. We used to regret spending money on fun stuff because we always felt that something might come up that we’d need that money for, But now, we have an emergency fund for those unexpected things.

The budget has helped us see exactly where we’re spending money. And it’s not rigid, in that we can make a few adjustments, during the first few months. Since we’ve never done one before, we’re currently guessing on how much we spend for things like groceries and gas…now that we’re tracking every dollar, we’ll be able to adjust categories as needed next month.

How are we saving money with a budget? By being more mindful of what we’re actually spending, it’s easier to skip the drive through, “just one more” amazon purchase, and snacks at the checkout line. A budget makes it easier to say “no” to impulse purchases…or “yes” when you’ve saved your fun money for something you’ve had your eye on.

#2 Order groceries online

This single thing has saved us a TON of money! I order our groceries online and pick them up without ever setting foot in the store. Post COVID, most stores are offering this service for free. I make up my meal plans for the week, check my pantry and then make up my grocery list. Ordering online means I’m not throwing any extras in the cart or buying something “while I’m here”. I stick 100% to my list! Oh! And one other bonus? …no hour+ wasted going up and down the aisles of the grocery store!

#3 Start a home based business

Lots of people have gotten creative here…mowing lawns, pet sitting, cleaning houses, data entry, etc. With my background in retail sales, I chose to go with a retail option. There are lots of “business in a box” options with a very low start up cost. My hard rules were that I didn’t want to have to hit up my friends and family to buy things they don’t need and I didn’t want to have to beg people to “join my team” in order to make any money. I found an option I love and was making good money at fairs and festivals until COVID hit…all my normal avenues were shut down. I quickly realized I’d have to switch to online if I wanted to continue selling retail. With a little research and the help of friends, I learned a lot about online sales in a short amount of time and my stream of income is still steady (slightly less than pre-COVID, but steady nonetheless). I have learned to love working at home and, as events begin to open up again, I’ll be able to maximize both in person and online.

A couple of tips regarding a “business in a box”: make sure it’s a product you absolutely love; pick a business that does not require you to carry inventory; make sure there are not monthly or quarterly fees or quotas; find one that maintains a free website for you.

#4 Managing my own IRA

This option is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint of heart! There are huge risks to playing the stock market, but with a lot of patience and being willing to learn from teachers who have been doing it a long time, there can be some big payouts. Your decision making needs to be made logically and not based on fear or excitement during the ups and downs of the market. If you know that your personality tends to be impulsive, this may not be for you.

I started out by transferring my 401K into an IRA that I could personally manage. After a few months of studying and learning how to understand the stock market, we opened another trading account with some of our savings. The IRA is growing money for our retirement while the other account is usable now as needed. Again, there is big risk involved, but if you’re willing to put the time into educating yourself, you can make some pretty good money by managing your own investments.

So that’s it for now…

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Hope you have a beautiful day!


PS. I am not getting any perks or commissions from any of these…just sharing what has worked for me and hope that it helps someone else out there…Resources I have used and had success with are the following:

BUDGETING: Dave Ramsey: Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps

GROCERIES ONLINE: I use both Walmart and Publix

MY HOME BASED BIZ: Laurie Young, Independent Manager with Lilla Rose

MANAGING YOUR IRA: Why Choose TD Ameritrade | TD Ameritrade

FREE STOCK MARKET EDUCATION: TFNN.com | Educating Financial Investors



not the Disney fairy tale movie!

I have many friends and family members who have struggled with super fine hair for years. Tangles and breakage have made them dread the battle to ease the inevitable snarls…the telltale harsh ripping sound while brushing, daily signaled the resulting hair breakage and split ends.

Thankfully, I have found something that has really made a difference. This is what one of my friends shared with me…

“My daughter and I are already in love with it! I use it after my shower, when my hair is still wet, to help brush through, before adding anything else. It helps me avoid pulling out or damaging any hair while brushing and conditions my hair for a healthier look and feel. My daughter uses it with her hair dry. In the morning before school, she sprays a few squirts and brushes through those bedtime knots without any pain! And it leaves her hair shiny and beautifully soft.”

Today I’m feeling so grateful because I love helping others feel better, look better, and enjoy life more… My heart is happy and I truly love what I do!

You can find what worked for my friend right HERE

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Have a beautiful, wonderful day!