About me

I grew up in San Diego, left for college at 18 and never moved back again.  I’ve lived in a variety of places since then…Minneapolis, Chicago, Lexingon KY, Atlanta, and now Nashville.  San Diego is still a wonderful place to visit and hang out with famlily, but Nashville has become home and I love the “relaxed urban” vibe of this town.

I went to school at a small town college in Iowa, met my first husband when I was 19 and was married at 20.  Two years later, I graduated with a Degree in English.  I have three amazing children, who are the light of my life.  I homeschooled them through elementary and middle school and loved reading and learning with them.  I miss those afternoons curled up on the couch together while I read aloud.  These days, we often enjoy a Sunday afternoon playing board games or Mario Kart and, just for the record, I’m usually not the one in last place…whaaat???

My current hubby and I enjoy movies, boating, travel, and home improvement projects together.

I’ve had a wide variety of jobs and hobbies over the years…

I worked as a children’s theatre actor, a bus driver, retail store manager, started my own biz (occupational therapy products for kids), helped manage a boarding stable, trained horses, and most recently, enjoy selling beautiful hair jewelry and running an AirBNB.  My favorite thing to do in my free time is train horses…it’s where I forget everything else for the entire time I am in that saddle, although lately, life has gotten in the way of my trips to the barn.  Other hobbies are, or have been, baking, sewing, scrapbooking, geocaching, hiking, home decorating, and travel.

Pets have always been a part of my life and I currently have a quarter horse (Doc), a Boston Terrier (Odie), and an Australian Shepherd (Flynn)


this page is a work in progress, so more later…

You may see links to products I talk about on this blog. I only post affiliate links to the things I have tried, know, love and use regularly.