When you’re at the base of mountain, the only way to reach the top is to just start walking

Most of you know I’m a lady boss with a home based business.

I don’t often share my goals because they often scare me and they’re way more terrifying when I see them in print 😱 but this month, I’m working hard toward a pretty big milestone…

A promotion. It’s a biggie and the reality is it probably won’t happen until fall.

The thing is…if we wait until we think it will happen to work for it, it may not happen at all. Success comes from consistent, small steps toward a specific finish line.

Soooo, this month I’m working hard to fill my calendar through the end of the year with vendor events and online girls night events. Being new to FL, I’m having to do a lot of digging to find the best events to participate in. If you have a festival or vendor market that you love here in central FL, would you share the date and location in the comments? Or if you’d like to gather your girlfriends for a 30 second hair style class, send me a message.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the progress…

because each one of you is truly the wind beneath my wings 🧚‍♀️


I got lost as an adult…

I’m always looking for fun things to do and, as an empty nester, it seems like we get in a rut of eating out and/or catching a movie. Somewhere along the way, we lost our creativity.

So today, I was googling fun things to do and came across a weekly summer activities calendar. Yes, it was made for kids, but I’m ready to reignite the little girl that’s tucked away down deep inside of my heart. I love dancing and unicorns and glitter and tiaras, so even though there are no wee ones in my house and no grandbabies on the horizon, I’m taking this list and making some dates with my honey (on the weekends, since we both work)

…and I have a crazy feeling we’ll find some great moments of laughter and super silly selfies…

just sayin’…

When is the last time you did something silly just for the fun of it?

Care to share?

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