Something positive in a sea of negativity


We’re not going to discuss the “C” word today, but I do want to give some ideas for things to do if you’re feeling some serious cabin fever about now! Here are some things to do with your family and/or roomies:

Bake something…who doesn’t love bread or cookies? You may have to get creative with what you already have in your pantry or even phone a friend, tell them what you have on hand, and challenge them to tell you what to make for dinner.

Create something…craft or art project. I know you’ve got half finished projects or supplies bought with good intentions…am I right? Now’s the perfect time to finish up those loose ends.

Play board or card games…this is a great way to laugh together and spend time with the ones you love. Need a new card game? Google is your friend…you can find all kinds of card game rules online.

Purge a room or closet…this is a great time to donate unused items to those who may be in need and create breathing space in your own home at the same time.

Write a letter or note of encouragement to friends and/or family members…who doesn’t love getting something other than bills in their mailbox?

Try a new hairstyle…if you have a daughter, this is super fun to do together! For ideas, you can check out my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/channel/UCsu-4nfCG2qdo9DXeNi8O_A) or my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lillaroselaurieyoung

My hope and prayer for you during these trying times, is that you find joy in spending time with those who are most important to you. Hope you have a beautiful day!


In the Blink of an Eye

You’ve heard it all before…

“everything can change in the blink of an eye”

“you never know what tomorrow will bring”

“live as if today is your last day”

and so many more.

It’s easy to spout off these cliché’s without even thinking about it, but they will haunt you after you’ve had a brush with disaster.

I live in Mount Juliet TN on Clearview Drive. Monday night changed our world.

My hubby and I are some of the fortunate ones and so thankful for that. Our carport was moved three feet and dented my truck. (This is a pretty heavy item that we normally move by pulling with our truck and work van.) But for us, that was the only damage on our property.

We are grieving for our neighbors… some lost a little, some lost a lot, and some lost everything. When I walked down our street, it was clear that our little dent was trivial.

It took me 2 days to process what I saw on that walk. A block away, there were some downed trees…2 blocks away, add some missing shingles…3 blocks away, add gutters and shutters missing…4 blocks away roofs were gone…after that it was a war zone…entire blocks were leveled.

People say “Get over it; you’re alive and your house is fine” and yes, I agree, at some point I will get over it. But I heard the freight train coming and thought we were going to die and when I walked through our neighborhood, I realized just how close that thought was to being true. That realization changes you on a deep level. There is something more for me to do with my life. There is more encouragement, help and love for me to give to others. I was created for more than the status quo I’d been living.

Yes this tornado changed me and I’m still processing it all, but I do know that I will be keeping a reminder in a place where I can see it every day…a reminder to live a life fully in the moment and completely through my heart each and every day.