I LOVE surprises!

Surprises show me that you put some thought into it ahead of time…you were thinking of me when I didn’t even know it. Or you were out somewhere and something you saw made you think of me…enough to make you take action on my behalf.

Some of my favorite surprises are…

My kids showing up at my house unannounced…just because they hadn’t seen me in a while.

A letter in the mailbox…those are rare these days.

Flowers in the hands of my hubby…this one always makes me smile as he awkwardly hands them to me.

Meeting a friend when I’m out running errands…sometimes I think I surprise them more than they surprise me (I always seem to meet up when I’m in sweats and haven’t brushed my hair!)

Finding a baby animal of any kind…such adorable miracles.

Maybe there should be a 6th love language…words of affirmation is my strongest one, but surprises could take a very close second!

What are some good things you have been surprised with? Who can you surprise with something good today?

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