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Partied out

I’ve done my share of parties…

birthday parties

engagement parties

retirement parties

superbowl parties

new year’s parties

4th of July parties

Christmas parties

…you get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with friends and family and having a great time and I actually really love entertaining, so most parties are fun even though I do get a bit stressed while planning and prepping. I might be slightly OCD when it comes to the details, menu and decorations.

But there’s one kind I’m just plain burnt out on. It’s a tough one to turn down because it usually centers around a friend or family member and I’m a people pleaser, so “no” is doubly hard to begin with. I love my friends and want them to be successful, but I really hate the whole “throw a party for me so I can sell my stuff to your friends and family” thing. I bust my backside trying to get people to come, begging people to come, but they’re burnt out too and don’t want to do yet another “party.”

I have my own small business and I’ve done direct sales before. When I started my current business, that was one of my non-negoatiablesā€¦.I was NOT going to bug my friends and family to have parties or even to buy from me at all. I didn’t want the people I love to dread me coming around. After 2 1/2 years, I can honestly say, I have not chased after anyone… not a single person.

How have I done it? I started with vendor events, then tried parties with those customers, and worked tirelessly on social media. All of those things work, sometimes, but now I am needing to work from home…literally from the office in my home, so I am having to shift gears and I am loving the results.

I am working closely with other bloggers as part of my strategy and the other part is a brand new modified “party” that isn’t really a party at all. It has taken all the pressure off of me to “SELL” and off of my customers to “BUY”. I LOVE that!!! And it’s actually fun for everyone!

Here are the deets:

No high pressure sales, no begging people to come, no cleaning your house or making food no one ever eats…literally everyone wins, even if they don’t buy a thing!

Curious to know more? Email me or comment below…

Oh! And during the month of February 2020, hostess credit doubles for every $300+ treasure hunt and that looks like this:

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