Self Care & Motivation

sometimes I crawl…

At what point have you failed? What does that look like? If you’re at a complete standstill, have you failed?

There are times when I’ve been moving backward without even realizing it. Or sometimes spinning my wheels with everything I’ve got and not going anywhere. I choose not to call that failure UNLESS… I refuse to acknowledge my reality and do something to change it.

I believe steady progress in a desired direction is success. It may not have all the recognition and WOW factor of having achieved a huge goal of some sort, BUT IF YOU’RE STILL MOVING TOWARD AN END POINT, YOU’RE NOT FAILING. Very few of us sprint to the finish line…life just isn’t that simple and the path isn’t often clear or straight. I walk….a lot, but that still counts as making progress. Actually, to be honest, I crawl… A LOT.

But crawling is needed to develop the habits of persistence and self discipline. Those muscles must be developed before we can stand or walk or eventually run and jump. And we have to be focused on exactly what we’re trying to achieve. That focus is what reminds us to try again, and again, and again…

So if you’re still moving, you’re not failing!

What are some things you have had to crawl to in order to succeed?

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