I sat in shock…

I’m no prude…I’ve been on this earth for more than a couple years, but occasionally, I am still shocked at the way people behave in public and at their complete disregard or oblivion for the far reaching consequences their actions create.

I literally felt physically ill and wanted to cry during the superbowl half time show this year. They’ve been sexually suggestive before, but this was over the top, in your face, and completely inappropriate for a national pastime that, like it or not, represents our country to the entire world.

Don’t blow me off as close minded and against freedom of expression…while I may not always agree with the topic, I’m all for freedom of expression but I do believe there is a time and a place for some subjects especially when there are children present and/or involved. I know my little blog post is a spit in the bucket, but I cannot stay silent when I know that ghastly display during halftime resulted in the pain and suffering of those in the hands of human traffickers, including the exploitation of our children. (If you have not taken a hard look at human trafficking…read about it, it will change your heart in a big way)

Where is our common decency? Where are our morals as a country? And when will we say enough is enough?

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