weight loss buddy

Weight Loss Buddy: Circle driving

This is one of my favorite exercises on the ground. Once you and your horse get good at it, it’s truly beautiful to watch as it becomes almost a dance as the partners weave around each other. It’s also a great one for a little cardio action because you are moving the entire time.

My Bright Line Eating has not been as consistent this time around. When I did it last year, I steadily lost for the entire month in which I diligently followed the weight loss portion of the program. This time, I’ve not been as determined to stick 100% to the plan and the results are very telling. I’ve only lost a few pounds. So I’m here to tell you…a) stick to the plan for best results, and b) you can get back on track at any moment, including this one right this second. When I finish writing this…I’m headed for the kitchen to plan and measure to make sure I’m golden the rest of today and tomorrow! And I’m not beating myself up about it either!

Wishing you the best if you’re on a similar journey! Tell me what you struggle with and we can work on it together!

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