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Flight Plan for an Airbnb: Rules for Bedding

Bedding makes a huge difference in the overall experience of your guests. Make sure your linens are crisp and clean and replace any that are frayed, worn, or faded.

For the comfort of your guests and for easy turn over between bookings, each bedroom should have a minimum of the following linens: 2 sets of sheets, 2 blankets, one quilt/coverlet (for summer), one comforter (for winter), and 4 pillows.

Everything you have in your Airbnb can be exposed to spills (even if you don’t allow kids) so using linens that are easy to launder and maintain is extremely helpful. Coverlets, comforters, and blankets should all be machine washable. To protect the investment of your mattress and pillows, be sure you use pillow covers and mattress covers. These should all be water proof and bed bug proof. The mattress cover should completely encase the entire mattress for best results.

And finally, a couple of tips for those extra touches…

*Sheets should have extra deep pockets and extra elastic, if possible…nothing is more irritating than waking up with a corner popped off the mattress!

*Extra blankets should be near the bed…guests will appreciate the convenience if they wake up and are feeling slightly chilly.

*Use a variety of textures for your pillows…everyone likes a different firmness in their favorite pillow and they will appreciate having a choice.

What else impresses you when you stay at a hotel or Airbnb?

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