Week 4: A Family Member

Every one of my family members bring to mind something that I am grateful for…some showered me with love, some taught me hard lessons, some made me feel important, some taught me life skills, some were there when I needed them most, and some taught me how to survive when dealing with difficult people (LOL) So choosing one person to write about today was not easy. I will probably have to spend some time privately journaling about each one over the next few weeks.

But one family member stands out every time someone asks me to tell about an influential person in my life…my grandmother, AKA “Grammie”









quiet spirit…

all the things I want to be when I grow up!

When the bible talks about a gentle and quiet spirit, I always think of her. I have never forgotten the way she made me feel every single time I was with her…wholly and completely loved, no matter how geeky I was or how stupid my latest mistake. It’s the feeling I have when I meditate on the way God truly sees me and it is a warm and wonderful place to be.

Grammie passed away 18 years ago, but I still cannot talk about her without tearing up…her love was so overwhelming it extends over time and space and is eternally etched in my soul. It built me up and made me believe in myself and my worth when, in my own insecure mind, no one else did. Thank you, Jesus, for that tiny glimpse into your boundless love for me! I pray that I may pass along that same kind of love to my children, grandchildren, and the people whose paths cross mine every day…

What family member are you overwhelmingly grateful for?

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