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weight loss buddy: running for days

So far I have lost 4 pounds which should be cause for celebration, however,

This is the week I realize…

a) just how out of shape I really am, and

b) I seriously would never choose to be a runner!

It’s also the week I reflect and discover that I am really enjoying “my” workouts. I definitely do not dread going to the barn the way I dreaded going to the gym. Doc is a living, breathing partner (obviously), so he’s somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes he is clearly not excited about our “workouts” and half heartedly tries to figure out ways to cheat. I don’t let him get away with it, but then he doesn’t let me slack off either LOL!

Here are a few short clips of us working on another ground work exercise…the goal is that both of us continue moving in a steady rhythm. We clearly have some work to do!!!

when Doc trots, I get to power walk
when Doc lopes, I have to run

While I fell off the Bright Line eating wagon a couple of times this week, our line driving is getting a little better (see below). Doc even thinks he gets to grab a snack during this session…no wonder he has some inches to lose!!!


The beauty of tomorrow is that it’s a fresh new day. I have my meals planned out for the day, so no falling off the wagon and no excuses!!! But I will admit…quitting flour and sugar cold turkey is HARD!!! I’m trying to replace those things with a piece of fruit when I get a craving for something sweet. Here’s to another week and another pound lost!

When you’re eating right, what’s the hardest thing for you to give up?

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