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Week 3: Family

Family…yeah they’re irritating, they have their quirks, and they can be downright obnoxious.


Every family member teaches us something. We might not like the lessons we learn from them, but we have gained some sort of knowledge through association with that person. I am grateful for my family…the good, the bad, and the ugly. They have all played a role in who I am today.

One of my fave pics of me and my cousins! (yep…that’s me in the glasses)

As I have gained a few years and more life experience, I have learned that I have a choice in which memories I dwell on…I no longer choose to spend hours rehashing unpleasant parts of my life. This makes it much easier to see and appreciate the good in the people around me. It makes it much easier to choose happiness when I’m always looking for the good things, whether it be in my past or present circumstances. This makes it possible to appreciate and be grateful for every single person in my family and THAT is a beautiful thing…

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