Valentines Day ideas for your hubby

There was a story flying around the internet this week about a guy re-animating a Disney film so the characters looked like him and his girlfriend in order to ask her to marry him…what the???? The guy took months to learn how to animate and then alter an already completed animation. Who’s got time for that??? And now the bar has been set even higher to impress your girlfriend/fiancé….

There’s so much hype around this holiday. People either go crazy trying to do the most outrageous gift and/or date idea or they just give up, knowing they’re just not that creative.

But let’s turn the table for a moment and add a few years, down the road, to the point where you’ve been married for a while and now you’re in the <“what do you want for ((insert holiday)?” “I don’t know, what do you want?” “ no idea”> phase. You’ve already gotten each other the obvious gifts…the things you know they want…and you’re both at the place where, if you want something, you just go buy it. So now what?

I pulled together this list of ideas with the help of Pinterest, a few stories from family members, and the suggestions of friends. Most of them are pretty simple and don’t cost a lot of money. The important part is to show your spouse you thought about them enough to put a small amount of effort into the gift…

#1 One of my faves!…”the reasons I love you” book: there are several different ways to do this. 1) on a budget? staple together some sheets of paper and use your own writing and drawing even if it’s stick figures, 2) artsy? create a short scrapbook (this one is from the movie “Up”) including photos and memorabilia from your fave moments together, 3) Perfectionist? Use Shutterfly, Snapfish or your local Walgreens to create a photo book with captions. These sites often have amazing promotions, so check them all to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

#2 a weighted blanket: gift him something you’ll both benefit from…a good night’s sleep! This one comes with 2 covers, one warm fleece option for winter and one cool bamboo option for summer. Weighted blankets improve sleep by giving your body a “hug” which encourages your muscles to relax. They are also proven to help calm restless leg syndrome.

#3 A Sharpie Mug with a humorous “love” saying (I like “I’m yours. No refunds.”). This is an inexpensive and easy project that you can personalize with an inside joke or a sweet message from the heart. Tips for making your sharpie mug.

#4 personalized engraved keychain (I like “Drive careful. I need you here with me.”) A sweet reminder, wherever he goes, that you’re keeping the home fires burning.

#5 lingerie…what man doesn’t love it when his wife wears this? Hot tip: grab a sheer, lacy kimono style and you can use it later as a cardigan over a spring dress or a beach cover up this summer. Lots of options at Victoria’s Secret or Amazon

What other creative ideas do you have? Keep it clean…this is a family show LOL!

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