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Airbnb flight plan: color

Color is important. It sets the tone for the whole airbnb and creates a vibe for your guests. It’s the first thing they notice and they subconsciously decide whether they like the place the minute they walk in the door.

The Bunk House has several different rooms we needed to address so we needed a color story that kind of flowed from one room to the next. Our walls are a warm wheat color throughout and then we chose chocolate brown for our main “grounding” color… you can find it in every room. The choice was a pretty natural one for our ranch theme and was cost effective as our couch and chair were already a rich brown leather.

In the gathering room, we didn’t need much more of the brown so it was time to introduce an accent color. My first thoughts when I think of a ranch are cowboys and the old west and everyone knows that every single cowboy had a stash of red bandanas, so red was the clear winner. From the bandana and burlap valance to the red boots on the wall to the rooster on the kitchen counter to the Texaco sign over the stove, red gives a pop of color and the “ranchy” feel we were going for. Sit down to dinner at the kitchen table and more red will appear in the stonewear dishes.

When it’s time to freshen up, the bathroom continues the love affair with brown in the towels and rugs. The tile picks up the tones of the linens and the walls and a single pop of red shows up in the shelves that house the hairdryer, lotion, Kleenex and other necessities.

Moving down the hall, we arrive at the Mustang Room…here we’ve added a new color…turquoise! The brown and turquoise bring warmth to the bedroom and play nicely off the cream colored antique trunk and muslin curtains.

And last but not least the Blue Jean Room, is the most neutral color palette of all, with pops of denim against a cream backdrop. This creates a completely different and tranquil space for rest and relaxation.

What’s your favorite room in your home or Airbnb? What color palette sets the mood?

You can check out more photos of The Bunk House (or book your stay) HERE

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