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Flight Plan for an Airbnb: the most important thing

In my last post, we talked about choosing a theme of some sort. My inspiration was a “well loved” leather sofa and chair and a pretty beat up kitchen table with 3 chairs and one armchair…which led to a western/ranch theme. I know…it’s a stretch, but you’ll see the transformation take shape.

When someone books a hotel room or an Airbnb, they are looking for a place to sleep. Therefore, THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING in your Airbnb is THE BED! You can cut corners just about everywhere else and they will still love you, but if they don’t get a good night’s sleep, your ratings are going to tank, and quickly!

We chose to build platform beds for a couple of reasons: cost (we had most of the lumber in our garage) and cost (when it comes time to replace the bed we only need to replace a mattress, not an entire set with the box springs, too.) I don’t have building plans to give you for the ones we built. We just googled “platform bed plans” and there are a ton of free ones to choose from.

Once the frame is ready, then comes the question of the mattress and how firm should it be? Knowing we were going to have a variety of guests and a variety of tastes, we chose a middle option, not too soft and not too firm. This should cover the tastes of the majority of your guests and leave them well rested in the morning.

We found our matresses at a mattress outlet and got a super good deal because each had a small snag and could not be sold at retail price. Be sure to ask wherever you shop…they usually have “seconds/irregulars” and/or showroom models for deeply discounted prices. You can get a super nice mattress without breaking the bank. If you’re in the Nashville area and want to know where we got ours, comment below and I’ll get you the info.

Next Up? Headboards

You can take a peek at (or book) our Airbnb listing here: THE BUNK HOUSE

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