weight loss buddy: grounded in exercise

In my last post I talked about “the book” and the food plan for my weight loss program, but everyone knows diet and exercise have to work together to achieve maximum results. I HATE the gym, so I had to find something else to get my cardio in. I’m going to start with groundworking my horse. This simply means I will not be riding while we are working together and he will be attached to me with a lead rope. This also means I will often need to cover the same amount of ground as he does and, you guessed it, that’s where the cardio comes in.

The first exercise on the ground will be teaching Doc to stay right next to me, not ahead or behind but his head right by my shoulder. Sounds easy, right? But there’s a catch…we’ll start at a walk, but then start working on the trot, which means, you guessed it…I’ll be jogging and there will probably be some moments when I won’t be sure who is keeping up with whom! We will definitely both be out of breath for the first several days, especially when I go to my friend’s arena which has a deep sand floor…yeah…running on the beach is not nearly as glorious as it looks on Baywatch…just sayin’!

I usually work on one exercise with my horse for 4-6 days until he’s really good at it and then we’ll move on to something else. My horses have always had good ground manners…meaning they respect my space and that I’m smaller than them (which means they have to be careful around me so I don’t get hurt). I can get them to do all sorts of things, but I’ve never worked on getting them to do those things “at liberty” or “off line”. Doc will be my first experiment in that realm and I have a feeling he’s going to be a bit of challenge because he doesn’t always agree that we should be working and/or losing weight! You can be sure I’ll share the frustrations and the entertaining moments along the way LOL!

Have you started an exercise program in the New Year? What keeps you motivated?

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