something small

Sometimes we stress about finishing a grand design or the perfect plan but occasionally an unfinished job has just as much significance as the finished product.

Our Airbnb has taught us many things through the people we have met. We’ve had guests from all walks of life and all ages. Some come to work, some come to see the sights, and some come to celebrate. They all have a story and sometimes that story is brought out when we least expect it.

Recently we had a family with 2 teenage daughters. I will never forget their youngest daughter’s exclamation when they arrived and explored The Bunk House…”This is my dream house!” Our western vibe and clear love of horses obviously touched a spot in her heart. That alone was enough to melt my heart. But what I found out later, after they checked out, was what will stick with me the rest of my life.

I usually message my guests to give them the info they need upon arrival…check in info, where to find things in The Bunk House, etc…and then one more time after they get settled to make sure they have everything they need. After that I try to give them their privacy and let them “do their thing”. Sometimes I don’t hear from them again until check out and sometimes they like to “chat” with me throughout their stay. The latter was the case with this family. They loved our place and loved Nashville and so we shared those thoughts while they were here.

After check out, Airbnb requires both host and guest to write a review. I was amazed with the extra effort this family took to give a detailed review of their stay and even repeated the process on our facebook page. I was blown away by this kindness and so grateful for their beautiful words. And then I received one more private message sharing how much the mom appreciated our Christmas décor. They had lost someone special a year ago and had not felt much like celebrating or decorating for Christmas this year. She shared how our Christmas touches in The Bunk House reminded her how important it is to continue traditions in spite of what life throws at us. Wow…heart lesson here.

I had been stressing over not putting more thought and time into decorating The Bunk House, but this is a perfect example of how God uses “less than perfect” to touch lives in a beautiful way. So often, I stress out or simply give up trying if I think I can’t get it right, but the effort is more important than the outcome and it’s the littlest of things that truly matter.

What small thing have you done that surprised you by resulting in a big impact?

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