week 51: 100 things to be thankful for

Wow! Glad I looked ahead on this one! This seems like a monumental task to write a list of 100 things…I mean seriously, who even DOES that? You may not even read my entire list so here are a couple things I want to mention before you start…

The first 10-20 are pretty easy…anybody can rattle off a short list of things they’re thankful for. But once we get past the obvious, your brain has to dig a little deeper. As I worked through this list, I began to realize the things that really matter to me… Who’s important to me and why; What memory is most poignant and, am I thankful for the lesson or the beauty of the moment?; Hard things in life can, in time, become good things; When was I most happy in life and why?

I guess I just want to mention all that to let you know that if you’re inspired to write your own list, you may find that it’s a bit harder than it would seem at first. You may need more than an afternoon. You may laugh, cry, and experience all sorts of emotions and you may discover things about yourself you did (or didn’t) want to know. Make sure you have a box of Kleenex within reach…just sayin’…

And with that, in no particular order, here are my 100 things to be thankful for as of week 51 in the year 2020:

1. My God who loves me and never leaves me no matter how stupid or pitiful I can be.

2. My husband who loves me and cares about…my feelings, my emotions, my health, my need to heal, my flawed need to be everything for everyone. He has encouraged me to take care of myself, stand up for myself, and he makes me talk about the things I would rather bottle up inside. I am a better person because of him.

3. My oldest son who taught me what it means to love someone selflessly and unconditionally no matter how they act.

4. My daughter who shares my passion and love of horses and still wants to hang out with me, quirks and all.

5. My youngest son who has brought joy and laughter to my life every day since the day he was born.

6. My mom who taught me that being strong and honorable sometimes means protecting someone else’s reputation at the expense of your own.

7. My dad who taught me that whether or not you can see it, people often love you deeply and, you’re never too old to be creative and chase a dream.

8. My sister who showed me that setting boundaries and taking care of my own needs is not selfish when kept in check in the context of my priorities.

9. My horses who have taught me that I need fresh air, sunshine, and saddle time to feel whole and balanced and healthy.

10. My dogs who remind me that sympathy and comfort often need no words.

11. My photo albums that bring back a flood of memories with every page turned.

12. My Bible study friend who holds me accountable and who isn’t afraid to ask me the tough questions and wait while I squirm and whine and finally figure out my answer.

13. My love of cooking which has provided so many occasions to gather with friends and family.

14. A country that allows me to express my views, worship the Lord, and live life the way I desire.

15. The beauty of a sunset when I watch it with my Hubby.

16. The satisfaction of completing a job and knowing it was done well.

17. Forgiveness granted to me by those I love.

18. An empathetic heart that sees and feels the joy, pain, excitement, embarrassment, and a multitude of other emotions of those around me.

19. Friends who see when I’m overwhelmed and extend grace and understanding when I just can’t do it all.

20. The sound of the birds in the morning when I first open my eyes.

21. A good night’s sleep (when I get it)

22. The summer sleepovers at my Grammie’s house where I learned how to sew and made my very first quilt.

23. Yoga…I just started discovering this amazing workout. I always just thought it was some stretching, breathing and meditating. I can’t believe how much of a workout I get from a 30 minute yoga session!

24. My home…a place to call my own and put my stamp on…a place to nurture and care for the people I love

25. Boundaries, both those of others and my own (which I am just now learning how to establish)

26. Music…I am amazed at how music can lift my spirits and put joy into my day

27. A windy day… I have always loved the feel of the wind blowing through my hair and the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees

28. Realizing that it’s ok to not be perfect.

29. Hydrangeas: they always make me smile and I wish I could find a way to have them bloom year round!

30. Understanding that just because something is good or a ministry, does not mean I am supposed to do it.

31. This blog…a place to express myself and hopefully help others in the process

32. Games…board games in particular, but I love anything even remotely competitive, especially if it involves teams!

33. Dragonflies…those who know me are aware of my fascination with these beautiful wiged creatures.

34. The beauty of the stars on a clear night

35. Enjoying a sunset with my hubby after a long hard day

36. The ability to work from home

37. A hometown with everything we need including southern hospitality

38. The chance to start fresh every single morning

39. The colors of a sunrise

40. The sound of my husband’s laughter

41. Courage to overcome fears

42. Family reunions where we laugh, love, and catch up on life

43. A steaming hot cup of coffee with cream and sugar and some sort of flavored syrup

44. A fresh blanket of snow with the sunlight sparkling off it

46. The majesty of the Smoky Mountains

47. An all day trail ride with my friends and our horses

48. Laughter…with my hubby, with my kids, with family, with friends, with strangers…it’s always good!

49. Stories from the heart…always grateful when someone entrusts a piece of their heart to me

50. Hospitality, both given and received

51. A new day to start fresh every morning

52. A car that runs

53. Coconut anything…pie, cake, candy, cookies, shrimp…you name it! If it’s got the flavor of coconut, I’m going to love it

54. Work that I love

55. practical jokes

56. Christmas lights

57. Migraine medicine

I thought I could finish this in a day, but as you can see…I am not finished yet…so much more to be thankful for, just not enough time to get it all down “on paper.” I will continue to work on this over the next several days….

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