Time vs. Money

Hmmmm…I had to chew on this one for a while. When everyone and everything in the world around me is telling me bigger, better, faster, stronger, prettier, more successful is all so important and fulfilling, this quote almost slipped past me unnoticed. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard this before. It’s just hard to wrap your brain around it when our identity is so wrapped up in what we HAVE (possessions) and what we DO for a living.

My birthday this year was a big one (it included a zero) and has caused some major reflecting on my life past and present. What do I want my life to be like? What is it that really would be my ideal living condition? What would my ideal day, week, month, year look like? Is striving after a career what I am most passionate about or is there some other way to achieve fulfillment in my life? What do I personally need to be content and happy and feel that I have contributed to my world in some fashion?

With all this contemplating, I realized I need to simplify and pare down my possessions to just the bare minimums, so I am in the process of doing that now…purging my entire home. It is a slow process because everything I touch has a memory attached to it. I had good intentions of journaling as I worked through the house, but quickly realized that I would probably be dead before I got anywhere near finishing the house, so I abandoned that idea and instead I’m starting a list of things to journal about later. Just having that list makes it easier to let go of things that I no longer need. I know I won’t forget the sentiment or story behind them.

My goal is to eventually spend less time cleaning and rearranging and organizing “stuff” and much more time making memories by spending that time with the people I love. My personal bucket list includes some “biggies” like a trip to Italy to see where my grandparents lived as newlyweds, but the majority of the items on my list are close to home and include doing simple things with my hubby, my kids, my extended family, and my friends. With only one shot at this thing called life, I’ve realized things can’t help me, love me, or share emotions/experiences with me but the people I care about can and I can do the same for them. That, to me, is a precious and beautiful thing.

How has your view of priorities changed as you have matured? What truly matters to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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