Step into a New Day…

The words from a King & Country song hit home this morning as I was driving to meet a friend for breakfast.
“Step into a new day…”

My brain started processing that thought and came to the idea that every day, every single day, we have the opportunity to do two things…make our own life better and make someone else’s life better.

So often my day is simply scrambling to get everything done on my To Do list and I never even consider that I’ve missed the opportunity to make a lasting difference in my world. I never consider that just going through the motions isn’t really living and that I’ve missed thousands of opportunities by just being oblivious to the thought that I can directly influence the course of someone’s day…mine &/or someone else’s.

Yesterday was just one example of making my own life better. I’ve been stressed out for months about the condition of my home. Chaos and disorganization had set up shop due to a variety of reasons that I had no control over. I happen to be a type A personality and I love everything to have it’s own place so the state of my home was literally driving me crazy and causing so much stress and an overwhelming inability to concentrate on pretty much anything at all. So yesterday, I cleared my schedule and took on the seemingly monumental task of restoring my Living Room. 2 things stand out now that it’s done: 1) it didn’t take nearly as long as I was expecting it to, and 2) at the end of the day I felt as if a HUGE weight and fog had been lifted off of me. I can breathe again and my mind can now be at rest in this room instead of flirting around to all the things I should be doing. Doing something to improve my life wasn’t a selfish thing, it was a necessary thing to free me up to be available to the needs of the people around me.

Making someone else’s life better doesn’t have to be that dramatic. It can be something as simple as complimenting a stranger or doing a random act of kindness. Or it could be something more intentional with or for someone you know well…taking a meal to a neighbor who’s sick or taking a loved one to lunch “just because” or helping a friend fold her laundry because she’s just plain feeling overwhelmed with life…there are millions of other ways to do it but the important part is that we are mindful of the opportunity and that we act on it.

We can’t change the world in a day, but we can brighten the small part of it that we touch each day. That is my new goal for 2020….

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear how you’ve changed your world for the better 🤗❤️

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