week 49: things I like about winter

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Yeah I know…it’s weird to start a year long series on week 49

But I’m a perfectionist and I’m trying really hard to break the habit of discovering a great idea and then never starting it because the timing isn’t right or I don’t have every little detail worked out.  Soooo, I’m starting with week 49 and it’s already bugging the heck out of me!  But here’s to baby steps toward breaking a bad habit and forging ahead with something good even if it’s less than perfect…

“Things I like about winter” Seriously?!  THIS is my first topic?!!  Well, I’ve always been told go big or go home but this seems a wee bit ridiculous!  I can think of a million things I DON’T like about winter however, I’m trying to retrain my brain to think positive and see the glass half full so this challenge will be great.

Ok, I do love the snow under certain conditions…

I love to watch the snow falling when I’m indoors, curled up in a blanket and snuggled in next to my hubby on our living room couch.  I love to wake up and open the blinds to a winter wonderland that sparkles in the morning sunlight.  I love the sounds of laughter as I watch children build snowmen or sled down a hill.  I love the photos of my own children making snow angels, catching snowflakes on their tongues, building snow forts and giant snowmen and the warm feelings those memories recreate.

I love the slower pace of life…

Most of us hate…ahem…dislike the cold so we adjust our schedules to stay home more.  I enjoy being home, reading a book, cooking a made-from-scratch meal, painting a room, rearranging furniture, organizing a closet, playing board games with my kids and family and friends.  The cold gives me time to create, to nest, and to enjoy the moments I so often miss because my schedule is jam packed with too. much. stuff.

I love how winter breathes hope back into my thoughts…

I start looking ahead to spring…anticipating the burst of life and beauty that is just around the corner.  I start planning and setting goals for things I dream of accomplishing and what my life will be like when I get there.  I dream big dreams and enjoy contemplating the fairytale “what ifs.”  I love the extra time to meditate and soak in the blessings in my life.  Winter gives me a chance to reset my priorities and focus on my top 3: faith, hubby, family & friends.

Yeah, ok, maybe winter isn’t so bad after all…just bring me my fuzzy jammies, my coffee and my slippers and everything’s gonna be all right

What about you?  What do you like about winter?

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