Fall Y’all!

It’s here…My all time favorite season of the year! I have always loved fall; my body doesn’t handle the heat of summer well so the cool, crisp air of fall is refreshing and so welcome. Bring on the hoodies, fleece lined jeans, and boots!

One of the best parts of Fall is the time spent with friends and family for activities and holidays. I always have a bucket list of fall activities that is way too long for the season itself. In no particular order, here are a few I’m hoping to get to this year…

Horseback riding: I have my own horse and the trails are truly gorgeous during height of leaf colors. There are plenty of great riding stables out there where you can pay to ride for a few hours or an entire day. Make sure you look for reviews or ask around for recommendations to find the good ones. Near my home in Nashville, I love the people and horses at Juro Stable in Mount Juliet, TN

Apple Picking: I used to do this every year when my kids were younger. There is something joyful and satisfying about foraging for your own food. Bring home a basket of apples and let the dessert making begin! My faves are apple crisp and apple pie.

Bonfire: Hanging out around a bonfire with good friends and some smore making supplies has great memories written all over it. This time of year, it’s fun to reminisce about what summer 2019 memory will be your favorite and why.

Visit a local tourist attraction: My husband and I just started doing this when we need a date day/night. It came out of the realization that every time friends or family came to town, they’d ask us what they should do while they’re here and we could only tell them what we’d heard was good. I decided it could be just as fun to do mini staycations as it would be to travel somewhere else to do their touristy things. We’re killing 2 birds with one stone…gaining firsthand info to share with others and saving money by staying close to home for our entertainment. Our last “day trip” was to The Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s home in Hermitage, TN) and I loved the “living history” (actors in period costume going about the normal daily activities of the home and property)

Read a book: Yep, you guessed it…I’m talking a real live, page-turning book! I love getting lost in a good read while curled up under a blanket, on the couch, with a mug of my latest hot beverage craving. For something different, try reading aloud to your spouse or kids. I really miss the hours of reading aloud to my kids when they were home with me and I know they miss it too, although they’d never admit it out loud! There is something special about turning off all the screens and sharing a story together.

Visit a garden or arboretum: Fall has a beauty all it’s own and while spring lovers like to tell me everything is dying, the colors, not only of the trees but many other plants as well, is visually breathtaking. With our busy schedules, we often don’t pause and just breathe in the fresh air and soak in the beauty around us…it is good for the soul!

What’s on your fall bucket list? I might like to add your ideas to my own list!

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